Sure, it holds your name tag. But we’ve set the bar higher for lanyards by making ours multi-task. Our many colour choices help you categorise attendees. Sophisticated imprinting makes your logo look its best and sets the tone for your event.

Why attach your name to a badges4events™ lanyard? With a choice of custom printed lanyards and in-stock options that are ready to ship today, you’re bound to find a lanyard just right for your event.

But the main reason? It’s our exclusive attachments that really make the different. Our patented No-Twist Clip™ and Pillar™ attachments ensure that badges are always facing the right way.

Custom Printed Lanyards

Our custom lanyards are manufactured and printed in the UK and can be delivered to you in 5-7 working days. Our professionally printed lanyards are made from a soft-to-the-touch smooth polyester fabric that’s extremely strong and keeps its shape. We buy the fabric locally in the UK, so we can keep a close eye on consistency and quality.

Our lanyards are available in 20mm and 25mm widths and can be printed in whatever colour you can imagine! Simply give us a call on 0800 612 2526 and let us know how you want your lanyards to look. We’ll do it all for you.

We take your safety seriously. So all our lanyards have safety breakaways, which means the lanyard will release if it gets trapped or pulled. All our custom printed lanyards come with a Trigger Clip attachment as standard, but just let us know if you would like to upgrade this to one of our exclusive Pillar or No-Twist Attachments.

If time is of the essence and you just need to shop and go, then our In-Stock Lanyards are ready to ship. These fabric lanyards are available in round cord and flat weave depending on your preference.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dye Sublimation?

The most refined and detailed printing, sublimation heat-transfers the dye stuff (think “ink”) to the lanyard’s polyester fibres. The dye bonds onto and surrounds the individual yarns for premium colour that never cracks or fades. The result is a full-colour lanyard that really catches your attendees’ attention.

What is the “Safety breakaway” feature?

The safety breakaway feature is designed to stop strangulation, should the lanyard get trapped in machinery, lift doors, etc. Essentially, our lanyards are joined together by two plastic pieces that offer quick release.

Which lanyard is best for my tight budget?

Our exclusive Budget Lanyards offers same-day shipping and are our most budget-friendly option.

Can I order a lanyard with my logo on it?

Sure thing. Just e-mail the logo to and we’ll be happy to make a recommendation to you based on the logo, your budget and your needs.

If you require a logo or other art work on your lanyard then ideally it should be set on a transparent background and submitted in an Adobe CS4 Illustrator or Photoshop file format, we can also use png or jpg images. All images should have an original 300dpi.

Please note. When you submit images to use, you must have the rights to reproduction of the images.

What colour can my lanyard be?

Our In-Stock lanyards come in our standard colours of Black, Royal Blue, Navy and Red.

When it comes to our Custom Printed Lanyards, the world is your oyster! We can colour your lanyard any colour that can be made up from the CMYK colour pallet. We do also have background designs or you could use our design service for that extra special lanyard.

We print CMYK and not solid colours. If you supply us with a Pantone® / PMS colour reference we strongly advise that you use the Pantone CP reference. This refers to a process colour rather than a solid one (A Pantone C reference). You can find these colour references here Pantone colour finder.

We will convert the PMS CP reference into CMYK using the appropriate percentages from Pantone® and aim to match it as close as possible within the tolerance of +/- 10%.

How do I send my artwork to you?

Please send your artwork, We will check it and then create your lanyard design. We will send you a proof for your approval before sending to print. We do not charge for any art work preparation.

What is the minimum order for bespoke printed lanyards?

We offer a very competitive minimum order quantity of just 25 Custom Printed Lanyards.

What is the difference between your lanyard attachments?

Our custom printed lanyards come with a metal Trigger Clip as standard.

You can upgrade your attachment to one of our exclusive clips that have been designed to stop name badges flipping the wrong way. After lots of ideas, prototypes, and wear testing by customers, staff and any able-bodied person willing to try our lanyards, we came up with the No-Twist Clip and Pillar Lanyards. Both are precisely engineered to keep name badges up front and centre throughout the event, and beyond. The lightweight Pillar offers a more elegant, brushed silver finish while the strategic Y-shaped No-twist Bulldog offers perfect balance and stability.

Our In-Stock Sporty2 Lanyard is a different breed altogether with not one, but two plastic bulldog clips on each end of this cord. This makes it really difficult for the badge to spin.

How do I decide between so many attachment options?

First step: Narrow down the selection to the ones that will work with the holder you have chosen. A small centre hole works best with a Trigger Clip. Holders with rectangular slots work with Pillar and Bulldog clips.

Next: Let budget and durability guide you. Metal attachments work well and fit any budget, but our Pillar clip is lighter-weight, more user-friendly and has a higher perceived value with attendees.