badges4events™ have teamed up with Avery® Design & Print, to help you create your badges. Design & Print is free online template software, which enables you to print your inserts perfectly, every time. This easy-to-use designer lets you personalise your badges and labels whether you are a design novice or an expert. Easily merge attendee lists, add logos, photos and text, and even generate barcodes on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

How to create your inserts and labels:

Step 1:

Open Design & Print

Click the blue button above to open the designer. Design and Print will open in a separate browser tab.

Step 2:

Find your product

The fastest way to select a product is to enter your product’s software code in the Quick Search box (e.g. N02HB). You can also search by product description. Click the green Select this Product button to move forward.

On the Choose Design tab, select which way up you would like your badge design to be (i.e. portrait or landscape). You can choose between a blank template on which you can design your badges from scratch, or select one of our predesigned templates to personalise.

Step 3:

Customise your Badges

You are now on the Customise Screen, where you can edit and personalise your product. Here you can add images, logos, text and shapes, generate QR and Barcodes or import data from a spreadsheet.

You can save your project at any time using the Save button at the top of the Customise and Preview & Print screens.


Step 4:


When you have finished formatting your design, click the green Preview & Print button at the bottom of the Customise screen.

Place your inserts into your printer’s manual feed or bypass tray. Take note to feed the sheets in the direction of the arrows printed on the product.

Make sure your printer settings are set to print: A4, Actual Size and “Cardstock” (if available).

How to Separate your Badges

All badges4events inserts are produced on Avery® Quick&Clean™ material which guarantees quick card separation with smooth, snag-free edges.

To separate your cards, have the printed side up and fold all scored lines towards you until you hear a snap. Turn the printed insert sheet 90 degrees after each snap until all cards have been released from their frame.

Tip! You can snap up to 5 insert sheets together at a time for even quicker badge removal!